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When it comes to maximising potential, perspective is everything.

You need a partner who can look across borders, across boardrooms, and across generations.

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Solutions for your business, investments and lifestyle.

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Creating the future you want for your family and legacy.

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We understand of how to value assets and how to lend against these.

Our Expertise

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Expertise and insight to help you plan your wealth for the future

Whether you’re looking to branch out into new financial ventures, build a long term wealth plan or simply unsure on who you need to include in the conversation, HSBC Global Private Banking is the partner to help you find the right path for you. 

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Where to begin when passing your family business to the next generation


Our wealth planning specialists are adept at helping you to consider the practical and emotional aspects of succession, giving you confidence that you’re leaving the family business in safe hands.

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Where to start when you are considering selling your business

Selling a business is more than a transaction. Explore Global Private Banking insights to help define your path to a successful exit.

Latest Insights

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Risk appetite has been well supported so far, and markets typically continue to do well after rates peak. So we continue to put our cash to work but broaden our search towards some less usual suspects to achieve the best risk adjusted value. We complement our US IT positions with two new themes focusing on US healthcare and industrials. And geographically speaking, we see opportunities in India, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil. But our core overweights in investment grade bonds, US stocks and hedge funds remain firmly in place.

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Watch our Global Chief Investment Officer Willem Sels as he discusses the latest market development and our asset allocation changes.

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We launch two new US themes to tap into healthcare innovation and the re-onshoring of manufacturing activity. Other themes look at the rapid Digital Transformation, where we see the practical impact of AI spanning across logistics and healthcare. As our themes also look into opportunities in Asia and the sustainability revolution, they clearly also include some less usual suspects.

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