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Private family funds

Private family funds help to simplify complex financial arrangements and consolidate family wealth while satisfying the needs of a diverse group of every family member.

We can help you establish a fund and provide all the administrative capabilities that will enable you to efficiently manage your family’s collective wealth and reach your objectives.

If you are pooling your wealth in order to invest on a collective basis, keeping track of your assets can be a challenge. Often the assets are held with different investment houses, in different locations and jurisdictions around the world. Family members may also be located in more than one country, each with their own investment needs and tax planning considerations. Such circumstances make it hard enough just to monitor investment performance, let alone manage ownership and comply with succession laws in different countries.

Traditionally, the favoured response has been to split the family’s wealth into different holding structures. This can be avoided by setting up a private fund structure, which allows for consolidated investment reporting across asset types, investment managers and custodians.

Private family funds can enable you to keep the family’s wealth together while satisfying the needs of individual members. When used in conjunction with other wealth planning structures these funds provide a global solution for managing your wealth.

Consolidate your wealth


A private family fund is a closed-ended structure set up for family members. The units or shares of the structure are only accessible to the participating members of the family or their wealth administrators.

These funds is popular among wealthy families, investment club members and other partners looking to keep family wealth together and invest in a range of asset classes on a collective basis. Private family funds provide a way to consolidate assets and gain a clearer view of the collective pool of wealth. Access to assets within the private family fund can be controlled to ensure that family objectives are met.

Private family funds is popular among wealthy families, investment club members and other partners looking to keep family wealth together and invest in a range of asset classes on a collective basis.
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