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Spending the time to understand your needs

At HSBC Private Banking, we take the time to understand your changing needs to help you plan your financial future. In order to support you and your family at every stage, we provide a range of services, advice and solutions.

Realising the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our shared heritage with HSBC's Global Banking and Markets and Commercial Banking means that we already look after many successful entrepreneurs, have an in-depth understanding of the needs of business owners and understand that your relationship with HSBC extends beyond your personal or company needs.

When servicing business owners the extensive resources of our global private banking are allied to the wider HSBC Group, providing a unique and market leading service.

Our experience of working with successful entrepreneurs from around the world has taught us that every client is unique and that their objectives vary greatly. For instance, some entrepreneurs seek assistance with exiting or selling their business, while others need additional capital in order to grow them further, or start a new venture. If you are seeking to exit your business, we can help you prepare to sell your firm and protect your wealth after the event. Should business succession be your preferred option, we can help prepare key family members to make the transition to their new roles, with helping you build tailored family governance. If you are continuing to grow your business, we can help you explore the ways in which the private bank and wider HSBC Group can support and finance your ambitions. 

Our experience of working with successful entrepreneurs from around the world has taught us that every client is unique, and that their ambitions vary greatly.

Investment Services


How we manage the wealth you hold with us is an important and ongoing consideration. Whether you authorise us to make investment decisions on your behalf, or prefer greater involvement in your investing activities, we provide professional guidance and a full complement of investment solutions to help you achieve an appropriate asset allocation and intelligent investing guidelines. We have specialists on the ground in key global markets. This global reach means we have valuable local insights.

Wealth Planning and Protection

Planning is a core discipline. For example, you may not know whether you can maintain your current standard of living if you sell your business or wind down your business. You may not be clear how inheriting wealth may impact your family or other beneficiaries. A disciplined approach is needed to plan personal wealth and it is sometimes hard to determine what your goals are and how to reach them. Considering fundamental questions such as what drives you as an individual, your guiding principles, what you want for your family and your legacy can seem complicated. Understandably it’s all too easy to delay this planning. We will help you step back and consider matters from a personal standpoint, reflecting on what matters most to you and your family. We can develop personalised strategies, working with you to identify and formulate your goals.


Banking Solutions


Aside from your investment and wealth planning objectives, you may also have a need for our banking services. Where you have concentrated company stock positions as part of your overall wealth, we can design investment strategies aimed at gradually reducing risk over time.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation.